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  • Why was ELIX created?
    TheraV was inspired in 2014 after our founder, Amira Radovic, had an encounter with an amputee suffering from phantom limb pain while working at a prosthetic clinic. Our first product, the ELIX, is designed to be worn on the upper or lower limbs.
  • What is phantom limb pain?
    About 80% of these individuals will experience a sensation called, “phantom limb pain”. This neuropathic pain is caused by pain receptors misfiring from peripheral (sensory) nerves stemming from the amputation site because they are no longer receiving input from the limb that used to be there. There are many theories as to why the nerves misfire, but regardless it is a very real problem that impacts the quality of life of individuals who experience it.
  • Can vibration therapy and the ELIX be used for more than just phantom limb pain?
    Although our product was first designed for people suffering from phantom limb pain, research has proven vibration therapy to be beneficial for other types of chronic nerve pain conditions including, but not limited to, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, CRPS, and other neuropathic pain.
  • Why does vibration therapy work?
    Vibration therapy can be explained by the gate control" theory, which states that small nerve fibers that are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain can be inhibited by exciting larger nerve fibers through mechanical stimulations like vibration. Large nerve fibers send non-painful signals to the brain, and small nerve fibers receive pain signals. When both, large nerve fibers and the small nerve fibers, are stimulated at the same time, the larger nerve fibers dominate. Introducing a non-painful stimulus like vibration can override a person’s pain sensation by stimulating the large nerve fibers. Basically, nonpainful input (vibration) can close the “gate” to painful input (pain signals), inhibiting pain signals from reaching the central nervous system.
  • Are there any side effects to vibration therapy?
    Localized vibration therapy has no known severe lasting side effects that have been reported.
  • How long do I need to use the ELIX per session?
    Research has shown vibration therapy provides the maximal duration of pain relief when applied for 45 minutes. Some people reported experiencing benefits within 10 minutes of using the TheraV ELIX. TheraV customers tend to use the TheraV ELIX for the duration of their pain. This changes with each person. NOTE: TheraV ELIX is designed to be customized to each individual. What works for one person may not work for others. We recommend: · Applying therapy for at least 30 minutes during the first use. It may take time for the nerves to sync with the vibration. · Experiment with different vibration levels and patterns. · Apply therapy daily at the same times to stimulate the nerves. · Wear device over a shrinker sock for additional compression and security. · Use device as an adjunct therapy
  • Is the ELIX a TENS unit?
    The TheraV Elix is NOT a TENS unit. Elix uses non-invasive vibrations, while TENS unit uses electrical stimulus (electrical current). Furthermore, unlike the TENS unit, which is not recommended for the people with pacemakers and other electrical implants, vibration does not interfere with electric devices, making it is safe to use for people with electrical implants.
  • Is the ELIX covered by medical insurance, FSA, HSA, or workers comp?
    No the TheraV ELIX is not covered by medical insurance, FSA, or HSA. Workers comp may be able to cover your TheraV ELIX purchase with a prescription/recommendation from a physician or physical therapist.
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